2024 Ins and Outs Trend

I have seen this new trend called, “ins and outs”, and basically what it means is what are we doing away with in the new year and what are we bringing into the new year. I haven’t ever really been one to make a new year resolution or to have a specific word for the year. I love reading others but I know myself too well to know that honestly I am such a dreamer but I crash hard after running really hard at something. I don’t hold on long term and it’s kind of a bad trait of mine I guess.

So, I am hopping on the trend and doing my own ins and outs for the new year and sharing it with all of you because I feel like when you really share it and let others into your dreams or thoughts, you tend to stick to them better as some form of accountability.

Here’s my list –

My ins:

  • Prioritizing God first
  • Creating more content
  • Leaning into motherhood
  • Mutually beneficial relationships
  • Learning long term joys
  • Growing in my marriage
  • Introspective work
  • Listening more
  • Pursuing my blog consistently
  • More date nights
  • Not caring about what others think
  • Working out after baby
  • Pouring into my kids educational development
  • Baking & cooking more
  • Getting a new car
  • Finding contentment in what I already have
  • Being diligent in growing in my photography business

My outs:

  • Immediate results/Immediate satisfaction
  • Negative self talk
  • Talking about my husband in any way that isn’t uplifting
  • Not having boundaries
  • Comparing my journey to others
  • Finding gratification outside of Jesus alone
  • People pleasing
  • Not prioritizing rest/sleep
  • Setting unrealistic goals
  • Feeling the need to earn downtime
  • Making irresponsible purchases
  • Not desiring more than what I have been given

This to me isn’t the same as setting a specific goal but more of a reminder to keep me in check on what I truly desire out of my everyday life. I am thankful to have this list in front of me and on display for me to look back on throughout the coming year as I know each week and even day life is going to have its ups and downs. I truly am excited for 2024 and all that I believe will come from it. Heck, we welcome our third baby in two months and holy moly if that isn’t going to set the tone for the year, I don’t know what will!

Buckle up for bi-weekly blog posts from me, because they’re in the works and coming my friends! I can’t wait to connect and dive deeper together. Cheers to the new year!

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