Want to Cloth Diaper? Here’s A Starter Guide:

Are you looking at becoming a cloth diaper mama? If yes, you are in the right spot! If you’re still on the fence you should read this blog post: Why Choose Cloth Diapering and then come back here once you read that to get all the things you need to get started. I have been cloth diapering for three years now and have loved every second of it. Let me start by saying, cloth diapering doesn’t have to be all or nothing. You can choose to have your work from home days be designated cloth diaper days or you can cloth diaper only while at home or just three days a week, whatever routine you want to choose and then I just recommend you stick to it. Cloth diapering is a commitment in the sense that you really just have to be sure that you are going to wash your diapers and if you’re like any other mama reading this, you’re doing loads of laundry anyway! One more easy throw in load isn’t going to make your life any harder.

So, now let’s just get right into it! I have done all of the back work for you and tried so many brands and things. The things I have tried are what works for us and the best combination of gems together that have made cloth diapering my two daughters (third on the way in 6 weeks) so much easier. Instead of making you read a long blog post all about cloth diapering, I am gonna give you exactly what we use and you can go from there! Feel free to ask any and all questions once you read through my list:

* Disclaimer: There are a few affiliate links within this blog post, so my family makes a small kickback from some links that you purchase through in here, we greatly appreciate the support! 🙂

Everything you need to get started:

  1. Cloth Diapers: Now listen this is a no brainer! But it had to be said. You want to start out by getting some cloth diapers, prepping them (just means washing them before use for best absorption) and having them ready to be used once baby gets here or even if you’re starting when your baby is older. I like the all in one pocket diapers, they’re the easiest in my opinion and they are very much the most similar to a disposable diaper besides the fact that you have to disassemble and wash them once they’re dirty. A few brands I have used and loved are Nora’s Nursery, Esembly Baby (code: EP20 saves you $$$) and Grovia. I will say I haven’t used Grovia on my own baby just yet but I am going to this third baby because I have cloth diaper mama friends who have sworn by them, so I am giving their newborn diapers a shot. I will update on them!
  2. Extra Inserts: As my daughters have gotten older, the more they will pee in one setting. I have enjoyed these Alva Baby bamboo inserts in the Nora’s Nursery Diapers to tackle on absorbing as much as they can and they make their cloth diaper booties real nice and voluptuous. lol! I just add them in with the insert that also comes with the diapers already.
  3. Toilet Bidet: This thing is a game changer, trust me, you need it. It makes cleaning poopy diapers so much easier along with the next tool! It connects easily to the back of your toilet and all you do it spray the poop right into the toilet and flush! It also makes the clean up easier so you don’t have to hand scrub, sometimes this is all I need when cleaning off solid poop from the cloth diaper.
  4. Toilet Sprayer Splatter Shield: Listen, this paired with your bidet in the bathroom changes the game. You can clip the diaper on, spray the poop off and boom! You’re good to go. You can leave the diaper up to dry off before transferring to the pale or wash, it’s truly so easy and helps save time.
  5. Bamboo Drying Rack: I love having this on hand for when it is sunny and warm outside. The sun is a natural bleach and will remove any stuff poop stain you can imagine. The sun also dries your diapers much faster than the dryer does and it is better on them long term to dry them hanging up. I live in Chicago so the winters are brutal and I will utilize the dryer machine way more than summer months. This drying rack folds up and stores really well, definitely worth it!
  6. Diaper Balm: Before buying any balm, you want to be sure it is cloth diaper safe or it can really clog your diapers and the absorption will be messed up and you’ll have to get new diapers. So, don’t rush and ruin your diapers, just read your labels and even google it! We love the Esembly Baby diaper balm just because it is cloth diaper safe and it can even be used on eczema spots or dry skin. It’s really beneficial for so many things! Using cloth diapers you don’t see many diaper rashes, unless a diaper gets left on too long and there was hot pee or poop. You have to be sure you’re changing the diaper even if they don’t feel wet just to be sure since it doesn’t absorb into the diaper like a disposable does.
  7. Laundry Detergent: This one gets me going. I have tried sooooo many brands and my goodness it was hard to find what worked for us. But I couldn’t recommend the puracy laundry detergent enough! It just works wonders on our cloth diapers. As well as their baby stain remover! It just WORKS.

Alright friends, I know that was kind of long but really I just took years off your cloth diapering journey! I will make another blog posts about our wash routine and other cloth diapering tips. But for now, if you’re a rookie and didn’t know where to start, start here! Leave any comments or questions you have for me. I am an open book and best of luck on your cloth diaper journey! YOU GOT THIS. It’s more intimidating thinking about it than actually doing it, I promise. Once you take the plunge, you’ll be so glad.

Lastly, the money investment upfront seems intense BUT long term you save so much. Just think of how much you spend on diapers and wipes alone… yikes! We have saved so much money over the years. Little tip if you’re starting with your newborn: We put this stuff on our registry and had family/friends buy it for us and it has lasted us three years later and we still haven’t had to buy any new stuff. DO IT and let others bless you.

Talk soon,

Erin Prince!

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